Friday, 30 January 2009

Desde que empezo el 2009 no he podido apenas hacer miniaturas. Ya he empezado a trabajar en el hospital y como estamos escasos de personal casi se puede decir que vivo en el. Pero cuando me queda un ratito y ganas sigo haciendo minis. Estas son mis ultimas creaciones.

Since the start of the new year I haven't been able to make minis. We have opened the hospital and we have a shortage of staff. That's why I spend the most of my day working and it really feels like living in the hospital. But when I have a little bit of time and I feel in the mood for making minis, I still do something. Here are my latest creations:

Biscuits and Butterfly cake.

Chinese food for two: chow mein noodles, spring rolls and sweet and sour pork.


PAKY said...

Tras un buen menú chino, qué mejor que un pastel de fresa y unas pastitas! Me encantan, y me gusta mucho tu blog cómo está ahora... Besitos

Anonymous said...

your miniatures are so cute! gret job! i wonder what kind of materials you are using. keep it up..

Laura said...

Gracias Paqui, me alegro de que te guste el nuevo disenio del blog.

Vess, thanks a lot for your comment. I use Fimo (liquid and solid) for my miniature food.

JDayMinis said...

Love the cookies, such a lovely colour, they look so sweet! ♥ Jean

Laura said...

Thanks very much jean for your nice commnents!